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Mastering is the final step in getting your music ready. We will add clarity, depth, width, and punch to your track where it is needed. We analyze the stereo spectrum and correct any phase problems so your music sounds professional. You want your music to sound its best and we offer you the best sound quality.

Order Mastering

 *Get a sample of our mastering services on your 1st track at no cost.

  • Get mastering services for single tracks & full albums
  • Send your tracks over the Internet and get quality production in a timely manner.
  • Attend a mastering session and get direct input on how your tracks will be mastered.

Online orders can be placed at any time. We request that you place the deposit for work to begin. Once the mastering is completed, Master files will be provided at 44.1kHz / 16bit .wav files unless otherwise specified. We can provide the final master tracks on an archived gold or ceramic CD for $20 + shipping. For albums with more than 20 tracks, please contact the studio for a custom quote.

Attended sessions: If you are going to attend your mastering session, you can place a deposit on your mastering project. Clients may attend a mastering session by appointment. If you're not completely satisfied with the mastering of your music, you pay no additional funds at the end of the session. The rate for attended sessions is $85/hr.

When you place a deposit for your attended mastering session, please choose a date for your mastering session. If that date is available, you will receive a confirmation email. If your requested date is not available, alternate dates will be offered for you to select a suitable time to complete your project.

Album max running time is 60 minutes. If you have audio that exceeds the 60 minute running time, please contact us for a custom quote on your project.

Please contact the studio if you have any questions. Every client is welcome to come by the studio and meet face to face and get a tour of the studio. We will listen to your mixes and we can discuss the options and sound you'd like for your mastered tracks.

All purchases are final. All sessions booked by appointment only. Cancellations more than 72 hours prior to the session start time can use a portion of the pre-paid funds towards a future session. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Holiday sessions usually cannot be rescheduled and funds are non-refundable & non-transferable. Deals may not be combined or used in conjunction with each other unless approved in writing by Shine On Studio.

In the event that the studio has to cancel or reschedule a session, clients will be given an option to receive a refund or reschedule their session with no fee or penalty. We understand that plans change and unforeseen circumstances arise, so if you have a reason to change or reschedule any session, please contact us.