Professional Audio Production  &  Professional Vocal Recording

Shine On Studio provides the highest quality for recordings on many types of productions like musical compositions, podcasts, television and radio commercials, video narration, audio books, website commentary, video games, documentaries, legal depositions, and professional interviews.

Create and Compose

Shine On Studio provides professional audio production for recording and composition of music. The main live room has the right ambiance and acoustic treatment to record everything from Amps to Xylophones. Drummers have complimented the rich sound recordings that have been tracked in the studio.

David Hughes • Music Producer, Composer, Engineer

Professional service from an engineer that has been working with musicians from all over the world.

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Our Clients Love us

Shine On Studio has always been working hard to make sure every client is completely satisfied. Every client gets professional production and your music will be heard and appreciated around the world.