Audio Production 101 • Learn to be a professional engineer

Get a grip on your education with a course that will teach you all the basic fundamentals that you need to know about audio production. This course will cover everything you need to know about microphones, mic preamps, patch bays, cable setups, compressors, equalizers, delays, MIDI, audio interfaces, monitor setup, headphone mixes, and so much more. This course is 15 classes that are 1 hour each and can be scheduled when it is convenient for you. Students will also be able to contact instructors by email and will also be able to ask questions about specific areas of audio production to get a more focused education on what really matters to you. Fill out the form on this page and contact us today about getting started with your audio production career.

Audio Production 101
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You can also finance this course with 3 payments of $333 over 3 months. This will limit your classes to no more than 5 per month. This does allow you to spread out the payments and get more time to absorb the course work.

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Build a custom course to learn exactly what you want to know • Starting at $299

       Start your audio production education at a full-production recording studio. Learn all the fundamentals of recording, mixing, and mastering with engineers that are currently working full-time in the audio industry. Classes can be customized to fit your desired education curriculum and be structured to move at a pace that works for you. All lessons are set up by appointment, so you can make your schedule flexible. 

        All students that come for a free initial consultation will get an in-depth look at how a professional studio operates. An engineer will talk with you about what you want to learn and review what you already know. This way you can get right down to business at your first lesson. Please visit our booking page to schedule a free consultation. 

Custom Class: You can setup a custom course to learn specific aspects of audio production for Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, & Studio One software. Our engineers can show you how to place microphones, setup amps for recording, how to use direct boxes, patch-bay routing, and many more skills that are required to be successful in the audio recording business. We offer these classes by appointment and they are 2 hours in length. Please visit our booking page to schedule one of these classes. 

Learn to record, mix, & master your audio. Sessions can be customized for your skill level. Engineers can help you review anything that you'd like to learn. Lessons are available by appointment. If you're looking for a more in-depth education we offer a 10 lesson & a 30 lesson course. These are classes that are designed to give students a solid and fundamental knowledge about recording, mixing, and all aspects of the recording studio business. Fill out the form above for more details on any of our lesson plans.


Class options include the following plus many more: 

  • Session setup

  • Audio routing for Plug-ins

  • Recording Fundamentals

  • FX sends & returns

  • Integration of analog equipment


  • Composing & Producing

  • Basic mixing techniques

  • Advanced mixing techniques

  • Advanced post-production

  • Mastering workflow

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Owner & Engineer, David Hughes, was interviewed by the Recording Connection about being a mentor for the audio production program. You can read the full interview here: