Shine on studio membership

Studio membership offers many benefits at an affordable price. All members will receive studio time included with the membership dues plus occasional deals on studio services. The studio time acquired with each payment will never expire and can be rolled over to build up over time.

Studio membership is $150/mo. and will include:

  • 2 hours of studio time per month
  • Additional hours at $70/hr.
  • 20% off mastering services
  • (Bonus) Every 3 months we'll add 2 hours
  • May BONUS: 1 additional studio hour will be added to your account after 3 consecutive months of membership. Sign up by May 31, 2017.



Membership dues are collected on a monthly basis and can be cancelled at anytime. To acquire the (Bonus) 2 hours every 3 months, your membership must be in good standing for 3 consecutive months. If a membership is cancelled or suspended, hours will stop accruing and no bonus hours will be awarded. We do not offer refunds or pro-rated refunds. Hours cannot be advanced. Please contact the studio if you have any questions about studio membership.