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Mixing | Pro Tools HD | Engineer David Hughes

Over the years, I have worked with many musicians and many types of music. There is no template or preset to automatically mix your music to perfection. Each project is carefully analyzed. A specific balance of processing is applied to every individual track. Dynamics are important in audio cause they are the essence that gives music life and movement. Getting the balance of the audio just right will allow the music to open up and fill the sound spectrum. Processing audio in places where it needs adjustments and tweaks is the best way to mix music.

At Shine On Studio, your music will be mixed by engineers that think inside and outside of the box. When you're ready for your music to rise to the top and have a sound like no other album on the planet, call on Shine On Studio to take your production to the next level of professional audio mixing. Shine On Studio engineers specialize in Pro Tools HDX mixing for all genres of music and commercial post-production.

Mixing is an art form that has a flow and energy.  I take great pride in my work and have carefully selected audio gear & software to offer the best sound for my clients.

I invite you to come to my studio and see what a professional engineer can do for your music. Mixing is the crucial step in taking your music from an amateur level to a professional level. I'm sure you will be pleased with the quality and difference my mixing skills will do for your music.

Call for more info: 510.681.7969 or CONTACT us via email for a quote.

Shine On Studio has been chosen as the featured spotlight recording studio in the San Francisco Bay Area!

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Dangerous Music 2-BUSlt | Analog Summing Console

Analog Summing

Recordings from 40 years ago sound great because they were entirely recorded with analog equipment. The world of digital audio workstations has changed how audio is produced, but lacks the rich sound of analog tape & consoles. Analog summing allows us to bring back the character and sound that analog processing can provide. Recordings are warm and full with analog summing and this is just a part of the analog compliment we can add to your mix.