from 99.00
Order Mastering

Professional mastering for your music.

Here's what to send: 

  • Files at the original sample rate and bit depth. 
  • Please remove any compression and limiting that is on your final mix bus channel before sending us your track. 
  • Leave between 3dB to 6dB headroom on your mix. 

Single Song mastering is $99.

EP mastering available for 4-6 songs at $399.

Full album mastering is available for up to 12 tracks for $599. 

*Get a sample of our mastering services on your 1st track at no cost.

Online orders can be placed at any time. We request that you place the deposit for work to begin. Once the mastering is completed, Master files will be provided at 44.1kHz / 16bit .wav files unless otherwise specified. We can provide the final master tracks on an archived gold or ceramic CD for $20 + shipping. For albums with more than 12 tracks, please contact the studio for a custom quote.

Album max running time is 70 minutes. If you have audio that exceeds the 70 minute running time, please contact us for a custom quote on your project. All songs must be sent at the same time to order the EP or Album options.