Mastering is a science of analyzing the stereo spectrum and applying proper adjustments to make sure the music has a good balance across multiple audio systems. We reference your mix on multiple systems, monitors, programs, etc. just to make sure that when your music is played by your fans, it sounds good. We work with many different RMS, Peak, & K-Meter programs to ensure that your levels are commercially acceptable for public broadcast. Detailed spectrograms show us where your music has deficiencies so that we can make the adjustments that are necessary for a well balanced master.

Shine On Studio provides professional mastering for all genres of music. Years of experience and ears that have been trained to recognize what works and what needs adjustment in a mix. Our mastering service provides you with audio that complies with AES & ITU guidelines. Your music will have width, depth, punch, clarity, and make a lasting impression on everyone that hears your music. Mastering does require a degree of scientific understanding to shape an audio signal so that it can be played back on a multitude of audio devices and still retain the high sound quality regardless of the medium. We offer a free sample of your first track so that you can hear for yourself what professional mastering can do for your music. Contact us today for more details about getting your music Mastered by a professional engineer.

Mastering is not pumping up the volume of a mix by using a limiter. Mastering will not fix a bad mix. Mastering is not magical, it's practical application of EQ, dynamic processors, & compression. Hyper-compressed mixes are not mastered, they're just squished audio that is really loud and causes fatigue, tinnitus, and hearing loss. Bring your music to Shine On Studio and get your tracks mastered by a professional engineer. Get an expert opinion on your final mix and make sure that your music passes AES & ITU audio production guidelines for commercial distribution.

iZotope Insight | Surgical Sound Field Spectrum Analyzers

iZotope Insight | Surgical Sound Field Spectrum Analyzers


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Special Introductory Pricing for September 2017! ••• $450 for 6 months. •••
Rates go up on October 1, 2017.

Now you can get all the mastering you want for a flat rate! This isn't some lame internet upload program. You will have your tracks mastered by a professional engineer. The best way to master your music is with skilled and experienced ears of an engineer. Our masters have been heard around the world and we have received praise for the clarity, depth, width, and professional sound that our masters provide. This is a great opportunity to get unlimited online mastering services for 6 months at one incredible flat rate.

Membership is only for online mastering orders. This membership plan does not include attended sessions at the studio. Attended sessions will still need to pay the hourly rate. This service does not include recording or mixing services. Stem mastering is available for an additional charge per stem for each song that is mastered.  Membership is only good for the artist that purchases the plan. Record labels and Multi-Artist organizations should contact us for rates and terms. Sharing a membership plan with more than one artist will void and terminate the membership. Please contact us for further details. 

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